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Concentrate on educating people and wait for the flowers to bloom! This school's Moral Education Forum reappears the real education case with the scene!

From:河北國際學校 Time:2020-11-21 9:46:39 Read:248

Education every moment, achieve outstanding life. In the afternoon of November 26, 8 and 9 classes, our school held the annual "Moral Education Forum" activity in the North No.1 ladder classroom. This moral education forum is sponsored by senior two. The forum, with the theme of "if the concept is right, education is not difficult" and "achieving every child", is composed of two parts: scene representation and teacher discussion.

Four education cases were reproduced in the forum, and four educational concepts were clarified, namely: teach students according to their aptitude and avoid one size fits all; develop strong points and avoid weaknesses; understand students in many ways; slow things will lead to success, and think twice before doing things; guide students according to the situation better than stop them.

Under the leadership of teacher Wen Hongjie, the head teacher of ten classes in grade two of senior high school participated in the performance and discussion of educational cases. Their performance is incisive, real and natural, reproducing many scenes of students' life and problems in their study life. Scenes of "drama bone" level performances won the applause of the teachers.

The actor enters the play, the audience enters into the heart. With the change of the plot of education cases, teachers sometimes smile and sometimes feel the same and cry.

"One minute on the stage, ten years under the stage.". After more than a dozen "5:30", Director Wen Hongjie led the class teachers to practice for more than two hours. There were also four hours of rehearsal on Sunday afternoon. Countless modifications and running in made the forum wonderful. Just as Director Wen said: the subtle prescription can see the education Kung Fu, and the daily work highlights the educational concept. Education every moment, as long as we have the desire to achieve every child, our education dream will be realized!

At the end of the forum, ten head teachers and grade teachers came to the front desk and recited the poem "I am a class teacher". The big screen office director's work photos are presented one by one. The teachers look at these photos and their eyes are moist. Teachers visiting foreign schools used "we are really open-minded." To evaluate the mood of harvest.

The teacher under the stage listens attentively and thinks deeply. When there is praise and praise, he nods and nods to arouse resonance. Forty minutes of case presentation and discussion are fleeting. Although in the end. But it extends in the thought-provoking place.

"We should take advantage of the situation and expose problems to solve them." Lu Yanhui, director of the education department, said that in the forum, while discussing, the teachers also showed their wisdom in education. Their thoughts collided and their opinions were expressed. "All from the educational practice, highlight the educational concept." Lu said that the average age of the head teachers on the stage was 30 years old, and they were full of energy, but they were just like paoding. They could not solve the problem.

"Moral education is a project to shape the soul. It can't be accomplished overnight and can't be achieved in a hurry." After the forum, vice president Li Yulan hoped that the teachers would apply the valuable experience they learned to their work practice, constantly innovate their working methods and methods, carry out moral education in a down-to-earth manner, wait for happiness and listen to the flowers bloom.

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