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Congratulations on Shijiazhuang No.42 middle school winning the title of "national advanced unit of Ideological and moral construction for minors"

From:河北國際學校 Time:2020-11-22 9:38:53 Read:271

In order to fully display the fruitful achievements of the construction of spiritual civilization, and stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of departments in all regions of the country to participate in the construction of spiritual civilization, and in accordance with the principle of strict control and quality assurance, and after strict and standardized selection, the Central Committee on civilization recently issued the document on the commendation of the Sixth National Civilized City, civilized villages and towns, civilized units and the second national civilized family and family "Ming campus and the new National Youth Ideological and moral construction work advanced decision.". Shijiazhuang No.42 middle school was rated as "the sixth national advanced unit of Ideological and moral construction of minors".

In recent years, guided by the socialist core values, guided by the detailed rules of civilized campus evaluation, closely surrounding the fundamental task of cultivating morality and cultivating people, our school strives to create a good environment for the healthy growth of minors and guide them to "buckle the first button of life".

Headmaster Li Yaqing said, "the school has incorporated the ideological and moral construction of minors into the education and teaching plan, included in the target evaluation, and implemented in all aspects of education, teaching and management services, forming an education platform integrating campus culture, classroom teaching, family education and social welfare."

The school is committed to moral education activities to forge humanistic spirit, meticulous management, humanistic feelings, campus culture to cultivate humanistic sentiment, moral education curriculum to build a humanistic platform, moral education classroom infiltration of humanistic methods, home school cooperation to show humanistic ideas, creating a new situation of Ideological and moral construction of minors.

The award of "national advanced unit of Ideological and moral construction for minors" is another fruitful achievement under the school running concept of "pleasing nature and cultivating talents". "We will continue to strengthen the ideological and moral education of minors as our mission, take the development of students as the foundation, actively focus on innovation, and strive to build our school into a strong position for training builders and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics," Li said

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