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Teachers of our school have won the first prize of senior high school group in the eighth primary and secondary school head teacher basic skills competition

From:河北國際學校 Time:2020-11-10 9:36:34 Read:239

The fallen leaves are flying in the new winter. The eighth primary and secondary school head teacher basic skills competition will be held in Dongfeng West Road Primary School on November 18, 2020. Hou Wenjuan, the head of class 42, took part in the competition.

In this competition, Professor Hou Wenjuan won the first prize of senior high school group with her affectionate education story speech, intelligent class meeting design and situational defense, and vivid dubbing talent display. On November 19, Hou Wenjuan attended the awarding ceremony of the second class teacher influence research forum and the eighth primary and secondary school class teacher basic skills competition.

Our school leaders attach great importance to this competition. Before the competition, under the leadership of vice president Li Yulan, many leaders and class teachers carefully rehearsed and guided Miss Hou Wenjuan's competition project, from a standing posture, a gesture, even a look, to the material selection, length of time, editing and correction of talent presentation; from class meeting design and situational defense selection To collect and sort out solutions to security problems, communication problems, security problems, network problems and other problems, to cooperate collectively, to fully prepare lessons, so as to lay a solid foundation for good achievements.

"A drop of water, only put into the sea, can get eternal life." Lu Yanhui, director of the education department, said that it is an important content of moral education in our school to adhere to and improve the moral education team dominated by class teachers and supplemented by class subject teachers, and build a moral education work network with full participation and full staff education. To strengthen the daily management of class teachers, "grasp the details, fall into the actual effect", and keep abreast of students' learning and life trends at any time Learning, practice, innovation and summary are the most important tasks in moral education.

In this context, the head teacher of our school grows rapidly. "Moral education backbone training", "moral education thought forum", "class teacher Salon", "education experts around me" and other activities are the platform for the rapid development of class teachers. A number of excellent class teachers stand out and prove their value with practical actions. They have made great contributions to the school moral education work and show the teachers' demeanor of combining morality and art in the new era.

I believe that our school's class teacher team, will in the school's attentive training and various competitions, the spirit is stronger and stronger, the character is more and more excellent, the wisdom is more and more rich! A strong team of head teachers will cultivate more outstanding and invincible 42 middle school students for our school!

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