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Volunteer for waste classification to help national energy conservation publicity

From:河北國際學校 Time:2020-9-13 17:32:09 Read:390


2020 is the 30th anniversary of the national energy conservation publicity week. In order to enhance the awareness of resources, energy conservation and environment for young people in the new era, all the students of class 6, grade 2 of grade 42, under the leadership of teacher Dang Wenli, came to Shangri community in the afternoon of September 10 to inherit the good tradition of class volunteer service - organization and development "Do a good job in garbage classification, create a better environment" volunteer service activities.

The activities were hosted by Zhao Yufan and Peng Xinmo classmates. The students learned that garbage sorting has always affected the general secretary of Xi Jinping. The general secretary once said, "we must cultivate good habits of garbage sorting, work hard to improve our living environment, and contribute to the sustainable development of green development."

The fierce knowledge competition of garbage classification has tested the students' understanding and learning enthusiasm of garbage classification knowledge; the two groups of students also shared their own garbage classification pithy formula, and described the harvest of learning and practice. After that, we actively participated in the community propaganda. The three-year-old children, the old people, the fitness uncle and the walking aunt were all the objects of the students' propaganda.

The students feel that they have a glorious mission by preaching garbage classification. They have overcome the shyness of talking with strangers. They are confident, sunny and natural, and show the spirit of young pioneers in the new era. Apart from the propaganda, the most important thing we do is to pick up the garbage in front of you and really practice garbage classification.

Learn in life and improve in practice. In just one hour, the students gained a lot. We all said: as teenagers in the new era, we should keep in mind the instruction of grandfather Xi, strive to be a qualified propagandist and actor of garbage classification, and contribute to create a beautiful ecological environment and contribute to youth!




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