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"Red scarf" youth offer love for school

From:河北國際學校 Time:2020-3-7 10:06:54 Read:552

When the year of gengzi mouse came, a sudden epidemic situation disturbed the joy of Chinese people to welcome the new year. In the face of the virus that has been raging, there are far from the white angels who are retrograde from all over the country to the first aid to Wuhan. There are nearly forty-two centers with their enthusiastic parents to share their worries for the school. In the forenoon of March 3rd, Liu Fanning and his parents in class four of the first grade donated a batch of sterile materials such as hand washing and disinfection foam to the school during the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, and helped the school epidemic seriously. Situation prevention and control work.

△ donated disinfection materials

A few days ago, Mr. Liu Fanning, a teacher in charge of the classmate of Mr. Liu Fanning, said that he was willing to donate a batch of sterilized foam and other disinfection materials to the school with his own pocket money, so that he could devote his own heart and strength to his dear classmates and teachers, and to the big family of the school.

"At present, the epidemic situation is not optimistic. I am worried about myself and my family, and more worried about my classmates and teachers. I am willing to use the money I have saved to buy disinfectants to help the school's epidemic prevention and control work." Liu fanning's childish face sparkled serious light.

"Faning saw a lot of reports about the epidemic in Wuhan on the Internet. So many angels in white went to the front to serve the country, which shocked him. After school starts, taking into account the protection of teachers and students, she decides to buy some disinfectant foam with her pocket money. Liu fanning's parents told Zheng that as a guide for children's spiritual growth, parents should strongly support "we guide children to establish correct values and encourage them to do good things."

"Unleash the potential of diversity and make a great life." The Chinese people will overcome the difficulties, keep watch and help each other, and make more contributions to the country and society!

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