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The 18-year-old Youths Embrace the New Era丨The 24th Anniversary Adult Ceremony was held in 42nd Middle School

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On March 18th, the 24th Anniversary Adult Ceremony of Shijiazhuang City was held in 42nd Middle School. Secretary of the Municipal League Committee, Shang Xiuwei, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Song Jianwei, Deputy Secretary of Xinhua District, Li Yuyang, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Xinhua District Party Committee, Chen Yan, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Xinhua District Party Committee, Hu Jing, Deputy Director of Xinhua District Education Bureau, Zhou Jing, Xinhua District Education Bureau Hou Mingyu, head of the department of government, Li Yaqing, principal of the 42nd Middle School, and Pingxingrui, secretary of the Party branch of the 42nd Middle School, came to the scene to join and witness the important life moment of the students, a solemn and sacred moment.

The ceremony opened in the magnificent national anthem while hoisting the national flag. The entire ceremony was immediately lit by strong patriotism. 

Facing the bright national flag of the People's Republic of China, the students solemnly took the attitude of an adult and made a pledge. As the music rang, the students set aside their dream balloons. The multicolored balloons carried their dreams and wishes to the sky.

Shang Xiuwei, secretary of the Municipal League Committee, had high hopes for young people in the city. Secretary Shang said that this was an era of cultural self-confidence, an era of national rejuvenation, and an era of human destiny. “Young students must be ambitious, firm in their ideals and beliefs, and integrate their personal pursuits into the Chinese nation’s practice of achieving a great rejuvenation; they must work diligently, learn hard skills, and regard learning as a responsibility, a spiritual pursuit, and a way of life, they must cultivate moral character, temper the noble character, and tie the first clasp of life to become the pillar of the country."

Li Yuyang, deputy secretary of the Xinhua District Committee, hopes that the students, starting from today's adult ceremony, take the initiative to shoulder the important tasks entrusted by the times and strive to be the builders of “Charming Xinhua”. “I hope you will consciously practice the core values of socialism and continue to develop noble qualities. You must take the responsibility of revitalizing the well-being for your hometown , be mindful of your ideals, and be ambitious to join the great practice of urban development.”

Next, a student of our school represented the young students who were about to turn 18 years old in the city and took over the latest version of the “Constitution of People’s Republic of China” from the school leader. In the blessings, they declared that they would officially enter the ranks of adults from now on.

In the school campuse, there is a kind of upward force that has a dazzling brilliance: the hardworking teachers delivered a poetry recitation "Youth is a battle," guiding the students in pursuit of the dream and escorting them.

The speech of Hao Beibo’s mother rekindled the atmosphere of the audience. Reminiscing about the children's childhood bit by bit, the true feelings of trust from the heart caused the same resonance among the parents and students. "My child, 18 years old will be a new starting point. Your life will sail away from here. The outside world is very exciting. Start off with your luggage." "My child, please don’t forget: when you are exhausted, Mom and Dad will always be behind you as a harbor full of love and determination."

Each student gave their parent a “private letter” he had written carefully. They used sly words to describe their youth and their gratitude to their parents. Parents gave gifts of love and hope to their children. “Mom, I love you!” The affectionate expression echoed through the venue, and the scene was warm and touching, stimulating tears.

“In this special moment, in order to thank my parents for their kindness, I proposed that all the students solemnly bowed to their parents...” On the initiative of the host, the sophomores who wore “adult caps” were deeply impressed with their parents. “Daddy, Mom, I love you...” The truthful confession of a group of students and parents explains children’s gratitude for their parents in plain language.

The tears in the eyes of parents were always lingering. This tear was moving and joy. Adult ceremony is a sign that children grow up. Parents watching the children wearing adult hats who know how to appreciate and experience the hardships of their parents, their eyes were full of joy.

The vowed oath, echoed in the clouds, surged in the heart. The students were provocative and imposing, and the ingenuity of creativity and sensational effect of this session won applause from parents attending the conference.

Under the bright red stars of the national flag, in the witness of parents and teachers, the students, wearing "adult caps", went into the road to success, going across the "adult gate". This group of 18-year-old youth will assume from the constitution to give full responsibility , and thus open a new chapter in the growth of life.

Bid farewell to impetuosity, ignorance and confusion; ushered in calm, wise and firm. The "Adult Etiquette" theme class in each class would be even more exciting: recitation, speeches, electronic photo albums... Different forms convey the same mood. The home teachers’ messages were full of deep feelings, passionate, gentle, and free and easy. We hope that the students would follow the trend of the times, write a young fantasies, and dance to the splendor of life.

Eighteen years of age is growth, it is a harvest; it is the understanding and gratitude to parents and teachers and responsibility for the country. After the event, the students expressed that they would always remember the expectation of their parents and teachers, and use their passion and practical actions to enrich the background of their lives, enrich their youthful colors, and repay the parents' parenting gratitude with hard work and excellent results. Students would reward teachers for their hard work and dedication to the future with their youthful and warm blood, and interpret the pride of tomorrow in China!

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