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Dedicated to the 19th National People’s Congress丨 HBIS “Offers Love Hand in Hand” to a Rural School to Help them Teach Better

From:河北國際學校 Time:2017-11-15 17:08:32 Read:859

“Trying to get a fair and quality education for every child” is a clear statement from the report of 19th National People’s Congress. For education to achieve "quality" on a fair basis, it is essential to solve the problem of inadequate quality of education resources and unbalanced regional allocation. Therefore, schools with high quality education resources should help relatively weak schools, which are of great importance to promote the fairness of education. “When the knower goes, the traveler knows it.” Education help is a great article of synergetic unity, a magnificent picture painted with true love.

On November 14, Ms. Li, vice President of Hebei International School, Xiao Hairan, secretary of the communist youth league, teachers, Yang yu, youth corps committee, the British foreign teachers Ethan, part of the student union members and students from Italy and Thailand went into the Jinzhou number four middle school, carried out activities of spreading teaching resources to the countryside.

The head of the education bureau of Jinzhou, the head of the department of education, and the director of the teaching and research office of the university of Jinzhou, and the four vice-presidents of Jinzhou, gave a warm welcome to the arrival of the teachers and students of our school. Vice President Li Yulan and President Wu made positive exchanges and discussions on the development of the two schools.

In the field of teaching and learning, the President of the state of Jinzhou gave a speech. “We have a lot of concerns, a lot of confidence, and a lot of hope for our future”, he said. President Wu expressed his sincere gratitude and affection to the good deeds of HBIS.


Vice President Ms. Li said: “Through these interactive activities, the young students learn from each other. It is also an effective carrier to strengthen the minors' ideological and moral education. I want to give my students active power.”


From ancient times, books are the tools of wisdom. Books are the windows to the outside world. In this visit, 7th grade students from HBIS gave a lot of hand-picked books to their counterparts in Jinzhou number 4 middle school, at the same time, they donated all of the money from the “love fund” raised by selling second-hand books to the students in Jinzhou. Thus, hope is able to be built.


In this event, Zhang Ziyu, who is studying in 12th class from HBIS, set a pigeon free, hoping to fly to a higher and further area with students from two schools. Qin Ziteng, a student representative from Jin Zhou, said that he would cherish this love and friendship and move to action and contribute to the rise of the motherland.


Education is the driving force of life development. It is the path to improve the quality of the individual and build up the connection and interaction between different people. Students from HBIS and four students from the Jinzhou offered dance melodrama and Musical Instruments respectively. The exotic dance and the sound of the Musical Instruments bring a lot of excitement and vitality to the venue.


After the performance, the temporary invited 12 students to the playground for the show, although the team is made up of different class members, their neat and imposed manner demonstrated the spirit of "one hour in the sunshine "activity in HBIS.

The teaching mode of "four rings eight steps" was demonstrated in the classroom of class 2, class 5, with the teacher Yang Caili. The students were able to roam among them. Under the guidance of Yang, they explored and displayed their talents, and experienced the democratic classroom which was taking place in their own classrooms. What we saw from their eyes is the light of confidence. They held on to their own power.


Foreign teacher Ethan walked into class 5, his standard English pronunciation was in the air. At the moment, no encouragement was needed, and the children were consciously opening their mouths to talk about their career ambitions.


For the event, vice president Li Yulan said that education was a cause of weathering, "it is a decade of work; as an educator, it is incumbent on us to disseminate the concept of education and deliver high-quality education resources. I hope by sending teaching resources to the countryside, relatively weak school can be injected with fresh blood!


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