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Widen international sights and cultivate international thoughts —— Note from Shijiazhuang Middle 42 School Model United Nations Conference

From:河北國際學校 Time:2017-11-27 14:32:22 Read:768

     Shijiazhuang Middle 42 School Model United Nations Conference was held in North-1 hall ,which lasted 2 days from Nov. 25 to Nov. 26.

It is the first time for our school to independently hold such a district-level MUNC historically. There were over 100 people attending this conference, not only covering teachers and students in our school but including 3 students from 9 Middle School who were be a part of judges as learners. Teachers and students from 28 Middle School, 38 Middle School and Zhaotuo School join our conference as observers. All representatives dressed up in the same costume and English is the only language to speak.


The full preparation for this activity was rewarded by the praise of teachers and students from all schools.


The vice-principal, Yang lin, li Yulan, Zhang Xiuying, attended this conference and guided it going well. And also Director Song Zhaoqi organized this whole activity.

At the opening ceremony, vice-president Yang made a speech in fluent English. She hopes that student could seize this opportunity to widen their international horizon and build up their social responsibility and comprehensive quality including English.

This conference departed into two committees and two respective topics:

1)Committee on human right: to save boy scouts

2)Legislative committee: crack down on illegal trades of small arms

During the conference, there are about over 100 diplomats from countries, and they discussed together to solve the worldwide problem and set up new international cooperative order.

Students put forward various suggestions in terms of their own countries, but it was conducted in a reasonable turn, which implies the brilliant ability as a diplomatist.


       Two excellent draft were voted from the two meetingplaces, which agreed on the new international cooperative order.

As one of the lightspots in this conference, in order to test the ability to deal with emergencies, one political incident was set up during the meeting.


The representatives were far from panic, calming down to have an unorganizational discussion to draw a organized draft. Even though, it was the first time for many representatives to attend this MUN, they can present their abilities at a full respect.


In the afternoon of Nov. 26, the tired but happy smiles from students ended this MUN, because everyone seemed to find a course, no matter in their life or study.


       In the support of all teachers and students, our special foreign-language activity keep pace with the English subject, which helped over 50 students who attended this MUN get admitted into universities home and abroad.


The secretary of this MUN demonstrated that we must catch every opportunity to apply theories into practice and search for the needed knowledge to improve our comprehensive qualities.

No difficulty is insurmountable if one sets ones mind on it. 

We are on the way!

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