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Develop National Defense Education, Cultivate Students’ Responsibility of State ------ Knowledge Lecture about National Defense from Professor Rong Weiliang

From:河北國際學校 Time:2017-12-8 21:16:14 Read:809

During the time of commemorating 70-year liberty of Shijiazhuang, Professor Rong Weiliang from Shijiazhuang Arm Command College, who was invented by our school, delivered a lecture whose topic is “spread the soul of military, love our own nation”. All teachers and students from Grade 2 attended this meeting at classroom North-1 and classroom North-2. There were some leaders participating in this meeting hosted by Secretary of Youth League Committee—Xiao Hairan, including Rui Shijie, the director of Shijiazhuang national defense office; Ping Xingrui, general party secretary of Shijiazhuang Middle 42 school and Li Yulan, the vice-principal in 42. Middle School.


“Military is most essential factor for a nation’s survival, which can not be neglected.” Professor Rong made a completely profound explanation in terms of national defense knowledge, territory and sea boundary, contemporary war and military power.

“Each inch of islands and sea attaches great importance to a nation” Professor Rong use many real and vivid materials to analyze the general policy towards our presently surrounding safety situation. Professor Rong said “The leading demonstration for contemporary war is to protect the territory and remain sea benefit; Our nation is facing a great challenge in nation defense safety.” President Xi made a point that technology is the key to contemporary war, which contains the soberly strong thoughts of preparation for dangers in the time of safety and administration for state affairs and security.

Professor Rong analyzed hot topics people cared about through modern war cases. Furthermore, he talked about our military power for a war and its trend in details, which taught all teachers and students the importance of national defense education.

After the lecture, Professor Rong said that he looks forward to the great development of national defense education and encouraged students to study well to set up correct views, build up the awareness and make real contribution to our national defense safety.

Secretary Xiao made a summary at the end of this meeting. “Professor Rong’s excellent report for national defense education not only helps us understand the historical and present situation, but set up the concept of preparation for dangers in times of safety, but produce the enthusiasm for supporting the army, as well.” No national defense, no security and no peaceful life.

We live in such a peaceful world, and we should be proud of our own country. Let us be surrounded in a patriotic atmosphere to move forward and to go stronger. Return the patriotic passion into contribution to our country and fight for the revival of our Chinese nation.

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