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Shijiazhuang No. 42 Secondary School Held New Semester Opening Ceremony Successfully

From:河北國際學校 Time:2017-8-31 18:57:20 Read:874

On the afternoon of August 31, Shijiazhuang No. 42 Secondary School held new semester opening ceremony for the 2017-2018 school year. The teachers and students gathered in the playground to attend the ceremony.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Xiao Hairan, secretary of the Communist Youth League. Principal Ms. Li Yaqing, Deputy Secretary of General Party Branch Ms. Wang Suxin, Vice Principal Mr. Ping Xingrui, Vice Principal Ms. Yang Lin, Vice Principal Ms. Qian Chenghong and Vice Principal Ms. Zhang Xiuying attended the meeting.

In the magnificent and powerful national anthem, the ceremony kicked off. First of all, Song Yibing,the representative of new students gave a speech, who promised to follow the instructions, abide by the discipline and work hard with sweat and wisdom to add a new glory to the school. Then, Li Jiachun, a student from Senior 3 class 1 made a speech, who welcomed the arrival of new students and encouraged the junior 2 and senior 2 students to strive continually for a brighter future, hoping junior 3 and senior 3 students should cherish the time and take positive action to strive for the best results.

Subsequently, Mr. Shang Zongqi, the teacher representative, made a statement, who stressed that students should bear in mind "only the diligent will be rewarded by God in their pursuit for knowledge," and only knowledge can make a person’s life dignified and meaningful. In addition, the British teacher Tom spoke on behalf of foreign teachers in the school, Wang Huixin from senior 2 international class as an interpreter. He expressed that he was very much looking forward to spending a new semester with Chinese students, hoping students can learn more authentic spoken English for studying abroad in the future and a convenience living in an English speaking countries.



At the end of the ceremony, Vice Principal Ping Xingrui on behalf of the school leaders to speak that all teachers and students have a long way to go with arduous tasks, who should spur on the flying horse, while he hoped the students become persons with high goals and ambitions.


After the opening ceremony, Mr. Xiao Hairan, secretary of the Communist Youth League made an opening orientation for all students as the theme of "strive for virtuous students". He encouraged students to be brave and fearless. In daily life, students should try to be ethical and polite from various sides such as personal gestures, catering, travel, communication, learning, and visiting.


New semester, new look. Every drop of sweat shed on the road forward will eventually converge into the vast blue waves. In the youth, let us illuminate the front with the target, use our sweat to irrigate the flowers of dreams, together creating a new glory of No. 42 Secondary School.

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